Braim's Ultra High-Low Converter

The converter makes better car audio system and performs the maximum display of purity of the head unit.

Ultra High-Low Converter HQC-20HL
Japanese price \12,500 (without Tax)

The special feature is:
1 The sound quality adopted a high-performance and extraordinarily small,
isolated transformer, and didn't degrade and excluded mixture of noise thoroughly.
2 The special quality of the very flat frequency is achieved.
3 A permalloy is adopted in a core of a transformer and something with the high magnetic flux density,
expensive of mu, are also adopted by the inside, so it's possible also to warp at a low signal and suppress it.
4 It become possible to send a stable signal which is the impedance of low output was designed.
5 It designed for the full-range specification. With using a crossover in a power amplifier,
it's possible to choose either high-pass or low pass.

Examples with a lot of requests:
A complicated system like BMW, Mercedes Benz and TOYOTA Lexus enabled to upgrade after a power amplifier.
All i-drives of BMW are connected by optical fiber cables.
The output of a loudspeaker is used to be upgraded easily at such time.
It's also a power amplifier easily.
It enables a pure head unit system with a panel design of car type exclusive use to upgrade after a power amplifier.

It also enables the head unit which has no pri-out to upgrade after a power amplifier.
It's reasonable because it is easily connected a head unit and sub-woofer even though there is no pri -out.

Specification of HQC-20HL
Frequency Response    20Hz〜20KHz(±0.5dB)
Input Power          50W/4Ωconversion
Input Impedance         500ΩMore than
Output impedance         400ΩLess than
Distorted Rate       0.03%Less than(1KHz)
Output Voltage       Input ratio -20dB(±3dB)
Case              ABS resin Black
PC-bord             lead free lance
Size               60×58×25mm
Weight                  100g

Braim's Remote Signal Output Unit

Finish Model
Remote Signal Output Unit HQC-10RM
Japanese price \12,500 (without Tax)

New navigation deck in after market is increasing.
The way to upgrade a pure system changes a loudspeaker, and there is addition of the outside power amplifier.
Braim's "HQC-10RM" is "the amplifier remote signal" generation unit to oppress the big pop noise
which occurs to the time of power supply on/off when adding the outside amplifier.
The signal indicates the state of the movement of a pure navigation system and controls a power supply
of the connected outside equipment.
It's possible to use the upgrade system to suppress occurrence of pop noise with various functions.
Use it with High/Low converter as the indispensable item to build the system that you have no stresses (Braim's HQC-20HL).

The special features are:
1 Operating state of a pure system is sensed by direct-current voltage and speech signal.
2 The delayed time of 0.8 seconds is set as the time of power supply on.
Pop noise is excluded perfectly.
3 The time of power supply off is within 0.2 seconds. A remote signal is cut with ignition key off in an instant.
4 The sensor part is connected to a loudspeaker line and is high impedance, so the sound quality doesn't degrade.
5 The electric current of the signal has a large capacity, so you can use a few equipment's at the same time,
and controls an electric fan.


1 When the head unit is on, the slight voltage of the loudspeaker line and speech signal are detected by a sensor.
2 The delayed time of 0.8 seconds is set, and a remote signal is output.
3 To suppress a malfunction, all speech signal of a loudspeaker line is adjusted and on/off is detected of the head unit.

Specification of HQC-10RM
Using Voltage                 10.5〜15V DC
Output Voltage              ACC(10.5〜15V DC)
Case                     ABS resin Black
PC-Bord                   Lead free lance
Remort Output Current                MAX 1A
Input Impedance    More than 5KΩ between sensor terminals
Size                      60×58×25mm
Weight                        100g

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