Braim's Ultra Capacitor

Braim's Ultra Capacitor can create your perfect car stereo system.
The qualify capacitors beyond the car stereo were fully developed with
new Braim's concept by seeking the ideal of high performance.

What is the next generation capacitor ?
What is Braim's Ultra Capacitor ?
The data of improvement of HQ-12.6F

Braim's Ultra Mini Capacitor HQR-1.3F
Japanese price \39,000 (without Tax)

Braim's Ultra Capacitor HQR-12.6F
Japanese price \130,000 (without Tax)

Braim's Ultra Capacitor HQR-25.2F
Japanese price \210,000 (without Tax)

Braim's Ultra Micro Capacitor HQ-0.3F
Japanese price \12,500 (without Tax)

Braim's Ultra Mini Capacitor HQ-1.3F
Japanese price \32,000 (without Tax)

Braim's Ultra Capacitor HQ-12.6F
Japanese price \105,000 (without Tax)

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The Next Generation's Capacitor

The capacitors which usually designed 30,000uF(0.03 farads) in 1990s have been developed with large volume. But Braim's capacitors are now seeking the 1,000,000(1 farad) for appearance for the next generation's new audio standard.
The point is a large condenser. It is important that an electric charge of plus or minus is using a phenomenon as an accumulated electric double layer for contact surface of separation of different 2PH 2ph.

According to the next generation's capacitors, the response to large volume and heavy-current can improve ESR which is the fault of the usual type of double layer condenser(equivalent series resistance) substantially by use of activated carbon.

Braim's Ultra Capacitors are designed for the excellent performance that automobile companies and battery makers are looking for ideal power supply for cars of the further steps such as hybrid cars, electric cars.

Its excellent features are:
1. The capacity which has large volume though it's extraordinarily small and light-weight.
2. The inner impedance is low, and possible to discharge for large amount of electric current instantly.
3. t is strong and durable for heat and stable to maintain the high quality.
4. The inner impedance rise in a high frequency like an electrolysis condenser.
Therefore, this can be called "the next generation's capacitor."


Braim's Ultra Capacitor

According to the the next generation's new capacitor, Braim's could accomplish to design by experienced research and development and commercialized it for new car audio standards.
Braim's made the original, and achieved a sound in the territory with the different dimension.
As connecting to the head unit and a power amplifier, the stability of the sound and volume of information improves more distortion senses.
And also the noise connecting to a main battery can be decreased, and it occurs from electrical assistance like of an alternator, a spark plug.
All the models excluded lead as consideration to the environment, and adopted silver solder for sound quality system.
And it is equipped with a reverse connective protection integrated circuit and a charge indicator with considered in a safety aspect.

Braim's is an original brand of M'S LINE CO,.LTD.

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