Braim's Ultra Capacitor

Braim's Ultra Capacitor could install in the engine compartment and adopt a high-temperature resin case.

Braim's Ultra Capacitor HQ-12.6F
Japanese price \105,000 (without Tax)

Outstanding data of HQ-12.6F
Our distributors and customers are highly recommended this power up HQ-12.6F for amazing sound of Braim's Ultra Capacitor.
Moreover, it becomes better maleage and acceleration up, a low-speed torque raising, etc.
Then, there are data of with Braim's Ultra Capacitor and without it.
Data the power of Honda S-2000 calculated by chassis dynamo,
parallel connection with HQ-12.6 to main battery, cable is 8 AWG, 2m.
The red graph:without HQ-12.6F
The blue graph:with HQ-12.6F
After HQ-12.6F was connected, it powered up in torque 1Kg/m and 11PS of a horsepower (DIN).
Because rising of an electric current is so quickly, the electrical assistance equipment is working an ideal movement.
This improvement of the main power supply can make better your audio and all the electrical assistance equipments.

TCar: Honda S-2000, normal type
Place: AUTOBACKS, Hachinohe,
Date: June.22, 2006
Condition:parallel, 8 AWG, 2m
The red graph:without HQ-12.6F:The blue graph:with HQ-12.6F
Left:Torque curve、Right:Engine power
Attention: The above dater is reference.
A similar result isn't obtained by the car type.

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