Braim's Battery Improvement Unit VR-12 and Ground Tuning Cable

Braim's VR-12 can maintain a power supply of a car audio system in a perfect state in order to keep a main battery a long term.

Battery Improvement Unit VR-12
Japanese price \25,000 (without Tax)
VR-12(The compound tye electric component improvement unit) stimulates your battery and restrains the phenomenon, called "sulfation."
When it charges and discharges a battery repeatedly, impurities is stuck in a ple. It will be the cause which makes the battery ability fall.

VR-12 is the compound type electrical installment improvement unit which suppresses sulfation of a battery and makes a pole be activated.
An extended period just connects to battery both ends and suppresses sulfation, and makes them maintain the performance near the newness.
This is making a pole be activated using technology of the latest twin pulse circuit.
The performance is also effective in the battery to which I fell by sulfation.
The terminal voltage is low and it's possible that VR-12 makes them recover when it's connected simultaneously with a charger when not moving.
(By the interior, the battery damaged physically is non-applicable.)

The various effect develops because a battery can be maintained in the good state.
For example, the sound quality of the audio is improved, movement of various electrical assistance equipment becomes stable, the mileage is improved, acceleration improves, and idling becomes stable, and so on.
The fully-automatic function is loaded into VR-12.
When the voltage will be less than 12.8 V, it stops automatically, so a battery isn't burdened.
Also considering safety, and when connecting conversely, it's equipped with a protected circuit.
The case designed in exclusive use is the waterproof structure, and when filling more silicones into the gap set up to a joint, it's possible to install the place splashed by water.
It's also effective in a dry battery as well.

Specification of VR-12
Operation Voltage         13.4V upper ±0.2
Standstill Voltage         12.8V under ±0.2
Terminal             Y type for M6
Cable       12 gauge OFC heat resistance
Size(W×H×D)     80mm×27mm×49mm
Weight                  120g
Case          Heat-resistant resin case

The inside of VR-12

It is constitution by an IC circuit .

VR -12 connects with a plus terminal and a minus terminal of battery.


Ground Tuning Cable
Japanese price \6,000 (without Tax)

Braim's GND-TUN (An impedance improvement cable) can lower alternating-current resistance (impedance). With VR-12,
the stabilization of a main battery power supply becomes possible.
GND - TUN is the earth cable which arranged a special core in both ends.
Exchange noise is excluded by connecting this to minus terminal of a battery and an engine block.
It's possible to lower impedance. (A battery connects the car in the rear to a body and an engine block.)
As a result, it becomes easy to be transmitted through a signal of a high frequency like a pulse signal.
A power supply of the power amplifier into which DC-DC converter is loaded is made efficient, and the sound quality improves.
The spark of a spark plug is strengthened and movement of an injector becomes stable,
and there is various development improvement of engine feelings and the mileage.
The vehicle withEarth-bonding is ideal.
When impedance is improved because resistance of direct current is low, more cars of Earth bonding will be in the ideal state.
Using with VR-12, it's possible to get the synergistic improvement.

Specification of GND-TUN
Core              Six special cores
Terminal     The round shape 24 gilding for M8
Cable        8 gauge OFC heat resistance
he chief of cable         length of cable 1m
Weight                  160g

GND-TUN connects with a battery minus terminal and body ground.

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