Braim's Optical Speed 1000

Braim's developed the Optical Speed 1000 to discover possibility of
new light along with realizing the ideal to a light digital cable in a car audio system.

Finish Model
OP-1000 1m @Japanese price ¥36,400 (with Tax)
OP-1000 2m @Japanese price ¥40,600 (with Tax)
OP-1000 3m @Japanese price ¥43,400 (with Tax)
OP-1000 4m @Japanese price ¥44,800 (with Tax)
OP-1000 5m @Japanese price ¥47,600 (with Tax)
OP-1000 6m @Japanese price ¥50,400 (with Tax)
OP-1000 7m @Japanese price ¥53,200 (with Tax)
OP-1000 8m @Japanese price ¥56,000 (with Tax)
OP-1000 9m @Japanese price ¥58,800 (with Tax)
OP-1000 10m @Japanese price ¥61,600 (with Tax)

The high efficiency of Optical Speed 1000 Cable.
The main body of a Braim's Optical Speed 1000's cable is made by German Monitor Company.
This is estimated as a quality of high-pitched tone including Germany, and any European countries.
The core material is used the line sutra 1mm of high transmission and the jitters characteristic is improved.
The outer diameter 5mm adopt a PVC sheath.
This optical cable has little attenuation of the signal when bending, and the radius when bending is as high as 25mm.
In addition, it is the best for leading about of the car interior of a room.

Braim's Optical Speed 1000 cable is designed the one side TOS link model which is considered multi-usablity of a car audio system.
PTOS Model@(PIONEER Connector Type Black TOS link optical Output)
TOSP Model@(TOS link optical InputPIONEER Connector Type Blue)
TOSTOS Model@(TOS link optical InputTOS link optical Output)

A perfect optical cable crust membrane
A highly efficient optical cable and Speed 1000 adhered not only to protect of a main part, but also to measure against
vibration. Especially the specification of the outer cover repeated the audition, is performing it.
The outer diameter wound the tube of SF around the outer diameter phi5mm optical cable by Monitor Company,
so that it might become a result of phi8mm.

Protection and vibration are also prevented now.
Furthermore, the environment which has a bad influence on the signal to send was thoroughly eliminated.
Exterior covering ideal for a car audio is adopted.
The appearance was made the design which is full of a high-class feeling, and was raised.

The importance of light connection parts.
Inside a connector, this optical cable changes voltage into light.
The semiconductor in the connector and the method of connection of a cable have affected sound quality.

It is an important point here to make it not to produce the gap between the mutual position.
This connected portion is fixed the connector the optical cable side by the plastic structurally.

In order to raise the reliability as an optical cable of a car audio always influenced of vibration, high accuracy is realized with assembles.
Because the portion of the end of heart material is finished like a specular surface, the diffused reflection of light can be stopped.
Furthermore, the spatial relationship of the optical cable, the photo-transistor, and the LED was adjusted finely.
It has succeeded in considering it as a mold completely.
Moreover, variation was also eliminated by having carried out the mold. Even if an unnecessary vibration is added, optical high-quality sound transmission is possible.

Realization of a sound with high purity
The accuracy of the assembly of the main part is considered to exterior covering and the connecting part.
The trial production in a long period of time and the audition were repeated, and it is produced for commercial.
Unlike a common optical cable, the sound with high purity is realized.
A transparent feeling is in a high region, the amount of information increased, inside low-pass is thick and
low-pass resolution increased, and environment with presence and a feeling of depth was realizable.
Furthermore, also while running the car, distortion which takes place from vibration could be suppressed,
and it became an optical digital cable of high quality.

The variation of the length of a cable.
A model can be freely chosen to a length of 1m/2m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m.
An length of 7m/8m / 9m / 10m could be special order. and for example like 0.7m, 2.3m,
it is that special order is also requested.
It is possible to construct a system by the optimal length.

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